Day 1

Meet and greet with our guide at Tirana Airport. Take over car rental, introduction to the tour, handover of a travel kit including map, travel itinerary, details travel instruction, hotel address with phone, restaurant suggestions. Kruja - is a town in central Albania, the capital of the first autonomous Albanian state in middle ages. In the early 15th century Krujë was conquered by the Ottoman Empire, but then recaptured in 1443 by Skanderbeg, leader of the League of Lezhë who successfully defended it against three Ottoman sieges until his death in 1468. Possible visits: 1. The Skanderbeg Museum, 2. A very rich Ethnographic Museum 3. The old bazaar Kruje - one of the oldest (founded in 627 B.C.). 1. Roman amphitheatre - the largest crowds out of all amphitheatres that have been found in the Balkans 2. Archeological Museum- It is the richest archeological museum in Albania Overnight in Durres

Day 2

Berat - Is a city located in south-central Albania, which was build in the 6th century BC. In July 2008, the old town (Mangalem district) was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The town became part of the unstable frontier of the Byzantine Empire following the fall of the Roman Empire and, along with much of the rest of the Balkan Peninsula, it suffered from repeated invasions by Slavs. One of the most attractive towns of Albania considered a living museum it is under the protection of UNESCO for its architecture and cultural heritage. Possible visit include: 1. The castle with several medieval Orthodox churches, the biggest and best preserved St. Mary’s turned into Onufri Icon Museum. 2. Old quarters of Mangalem and Gorica with their wonderful and distinct architecture, Kings Mosque, Helveti Tekke, Laden Mosque, Ethnografic museum 3. Apollonia – Was an ancient Greek city in Illyria. The remains of the ancient city of Apollonia which was founded in 588 BC by Greek colonists and flourished in the time of Julius Caesar. Roman Emperor Octavian studied here. Make sure to visit both the ancient site and the Orthodox monastery next to it where the archaeological museum of the site is located. Overnight in Vlora. (B,D)

Day 3

Vlora-Zvernec-Porto Palermo-Saranda
Possible visits: 1. Monastery of Zvernec – Built in the 13th century the monastery is situated just a few kilometers from Vlora on the Island of Zvernec. Its access is through a wooden bridge built on the Narta Lagoon. 2. Ali Pasha’s Castle at Porto Palermo - is a castle in Butrint, Albania it is named after Ali Pashe Tepelena resided there until 1820. The current fortress was rebuilt in 1819 from its surface with 3 towers. A fortress on the sea thought to belong to the powerful Albanian ruler of the south who challenged the authority of the Ottoman Sultan, self-governing a considerable area comprising South Albania and Northern Greece from his castle in Ioannina. Overnight in Saranda . (B,D)

Day 4

Possible visits: 1. Butrint Ancient site - The settlement became an important stop along the merchant trade routes and reached the height of its glory in the 4th century BC as one of the major maritime and commercial centers of the ancient world. Considered the best ancient site of Albania and beyond it is UNESCO protected for its archaeological importance. Situated in a wonderful peninsula it is great for both history and nature lovers. 2. Gjirokastra - is a city in southern Albania. The first archeological findings date since the early Iron Age and the city’s walls date from the 3rd century AD. Since 2005 Gjirokastra is under UNESCO protection for its unique stone architecture, inscribed in the World Heritage List as “A rare example of a well-preserved Ottoman town, built by farmers of large estate”. Has a WWII arms museum. Ethnographic museum used to be the house the ex - Dictator Enver Hoxha was born in while the Zekate Family house is the best representative of the architectural style of Gjirokastra houses. Overnight in Gjirokastra (B,D)

Day 5

Possible visits: 1. Church of Leusa (Shen Maria) build in the 17 century, in Leusa village near Permet features outstanding iconography paintings. One of the most spectacular churches in Albania. 2. Voskopoja - once a grand medieval town, dates since 13 century, famous for its 24 churches, which were adorned with many exquisite frescoes Overnight in Voskopoja (B,D)

Day 6

Possible visits: 1. Korca-Cathedral 2. Medieval Museum - is a museum in Korce, Albania. It was established on April 24, 1980. The museum has over 7,000 art and cultural items, mainly icons and less stone, wooden, metal and textile works representing various moments in Albania iconography development. In the principal hall are many works from anonymous artists of the 13th-14th century and well-known ones such as Onufri. Tirana-the Capital 1. Ethem Bej Mosque - Construction was started in 1789 by Molla Bey and it was finished in 1823 by his son Haxhi Et’hem Bey 2. National Historical Museum - is the country’s largest museum. It was opened on 28 October 1981 3. Art Gallery - was originally founded in 1954 and completed in 1974. The national collection of visual arts ranges from a collection of religious icons ranging from to the 13th to the 19th century, works from the National Renaissance and Independence period (1883-1944) 4. Visit the Bunk’Art museum, a military bunker transformed in a museum dedicated to the Albanian communist era. Overnight in Tirana (B,D)

Day 7

Departure to Airport. Return of rental car either in Tirana or Airport as initially agreed. (B,D)


• Meeting with one of our representative at airport to hand in information package

• Welcome drink in a lovley bar near the airport

• Pick up an economy class car with AC.

• 24h Touristic Info. and road asistance.

• 6 overnight in 3* star middle class hotels on a B&B basis.

• Provide a mobile phone with Albanian SIM card, incl. free SMS & free National phone calls.

Info pack with: travel itinerary, map of Albania, detailed travel instructions, (hotels addresses and vouchers, restaurant and sightseeings suggestions)


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